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ΕΣΠΑ 2014-2020

About us

The company Thessaly Consulting Firm as its main activity is the provision of consulting services to individuals as well as to public sector entities on subsidized European and Development projects as well as in accounting and tax services.

TCF offers the opportunity to identify financial, development and social plans through European or National Programs or a combination of them and managing and monitoring investment proposals.

TCF`s goal is to continuously develop its clients` business activities through new opportunities through national and community funds.

In order for a company to participate in national or Community funding programs, it should meet a number of criteria that are related to the following factors:
• financial image of the business
• Years in which the business is active
• the needs of the business over a three-year period
• the investments that it wants to implement and whether they have an integrated character
• Finally, taking into account the wider Greek and European events, what impact this will have on an impending participation in a project on the overall picture of the business.

The manager of the company is Alexiou Konstantinos, who is an MBA Economist in strategic planning and has participated in working groups or even individually and has developed a series of projects in both the private and the public sector for the last twelve years. For example, we will mention the development of the Business Development Plan through the Local Union of Municipalities and Communities of Magnesia for the Programming Period 2007 - 2013 (ESPA), the support of the 5th Health Region of Thessaly and Sterea Hellas in NSRF, the Municipal Enterprise Plan of Milies, in Municipalities for the elaboration of colaboration between public and private sector, etc.

The company is also staffed by experienced accountants - tax consultants as well as by experienced executives in the development of ESPA studies.

There is also a network of collaborators from all the specialties involved in a project such as Civil Engineers, Architects, Mechanical Engineers, Topographers, Notaries, Lawyers so that the interested person can directly and accurately have an overview of the cost of the investment project wants to materialize